Team Performance

Helping teams exceed expectations

High performing teams can be identified in a variety of ways. We’ve identified Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline – 4 Key Indicators of Success.


There are also 8 competency-based dimensions of team performance that we have observed. They are common factors in elevating performance of almost any team.


Using DYNAMIX profiles, your team’s current performance is assessed and areas to improve are identified.





Why Dynamix?

Applied self-awareness can lead to greater knowledge about the world around you. This knowledge can guide you in developing a greater understanding of your personal prefe- rences and behaviors. The projection of your preferences is a major factor in determining the quality of the results you are able to achieve when you interact with other people.



What is Dynamix?

The DYNAMIX® profile is a tool that helps you identify the factors that drive your individual performance. It is driven entirely by your responses to a series of carefully researched statements. It will allow you to identify strengths and any opportunities that might exist for improvement. The profile is your assessment of yourself. All of us can develop and grow if we are willing to do so. Often, the best starting place is to begin with your strengths. We believe that ongoing step-by- step development is one of the fundamental keys to superior individual performance.



How to use Dynamix?

Our objective in providing you with DYNAMIX® is to help you identify and understand certain preferences and behaviors. This will allow you to make subtle adjustments to what you say and do and to make very deliberate changes in how you respond to changes in your environment or the people in your environment. The ability to adjust one’s actions and reactions in an authentic and effective manner is a key to superior individual performance.


Discover your unique communication style using our DYNAMIX® profile. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue communication preferences are measured using our easy-to-use DYNAMIX® model.





Adapt and Connect with Others

  • Discover your personal style
  • Identify other styles
  • Adapt to them
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Increase quality of interpersonal relationships
  • Influence team members, clients and leaders
  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Grow profitable sales



Powerful tools to coach your team

  • Visualize team's colour dynamics
  • Pair people with opposite, similar or complementary styles
  • Identify how people react to stress
  • Leverage team strengths and overcome team challenges



Powerful team communication tools

  • Get to know your teams/teammates better
  • Share and learn about your team's preferred communication Do's, Don'ts and Team Strengths
  • Access your team grids through the Dynamix Mobile App for on the go communication tips and self-coaching



  • Identify anyone's top two colours and learn how to adapt to them
  • PDF version of your Dynamix Profile
  • Your team colour grids and "Do's and Don'ts" grids
  • Share your profile with colleagues, friends and family