Outplacement Services

More than a job, it's their identity

When we lose a job, we lose more than a title and a routine. We lose a sense of stability, security and identity. Outplacement support softens the blow for both parties by providing assistance throughout the transition process


The Outplacement Program  is designed to help you get back on your feet as fast as possible. It will help you realign your strengths, interests and values with your career. Additionally, it will provide you with a clear structure and strategy for your job search and networking. Lastly, it will prepare you for the interview and negotiation process to ensure you come out on top.

  • Identifying career objectives and preferences for customization
  • Reviewing history for career and lifestyle realignment
  • Devising job search and networking strategy to access available markets
  • Creating a compelling elevator pitch for a great first impression
  • Sharpening your interviewing skills for clear, confident content delivery
  • Preparing for a negotiation that will get you what you deserve