Problems Only Leaders Understand


Let's cut right to the chase. You're here because there's trouble in paradise. You may be a Manager or C-Level but the bottom line is, leadership is leadership. You have to deliver results and you need to inspire your crew to help make that happen. Regardless of the size, shape or nature of the organization, the same symptoms and causes keep coming up. Below I've compiled a list of possible culprits. Any of them sound familiar? Let me know if I missed anything.


✪ Struggling with disengaged employees

✪ Dealing with tension and conflict in the office

✪ Lacking a culture of support and collaboration

✪ Dealing with poor performance and productivity

✪ Trouble with high turnover and absenteeism

✪ Difficulty finding common ground with team members

✪ Wanting to be a leader everybody loves to work for

✪ Having difficulty attracting high level talent

✪ Need a sounding board to hash out challenges

✪ Difficultly with stress and/or time management


You Are Not Alone!


87% of employees worldwide are not engaged

- Gallup's 2017 State of the Global Workplace 


84% of employees are unhappy with their jobs

- Harvard Business Review 



The Bottom Line of Coaching


Leaders don't grow on trees and few take the time to work on their competencies. Leadership coaching provides a safe learning environment where the leader can identify blind spots, challenges, ambitious objectives and take bold action.


In order to lead, others must be willing to follow. The ability to influence others into positive action transcends the tangible world of theory and resides in the realm of soft skills. Coaching allows room for this introspection and deeper learning.


To way to maximize performance is to start with intrinsic motivation. Understand what drives your people and they will in turn deliver results. Coaching focuses on this fundamental law and places it front and centre of the approach.


Highly engaged workplaces have...

• 41% less absenteeism
• 24% less turnover
• 21% greater profitability
• 17% greater productivity

(Gallup 2017 State of the Global Workplace)



Key Personal Benefits

Understanding Yourself

The road to self-improvement is paved in self-awareness. Coaching helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of who they are, why they are and how their actions affect their environment. 

Understanding Others

Why do people do what they do and how can I motivate others to reach peak performance? Coaching helps leaders answer these questions, greatly improving their ability to strategize their approach.

Communicating Better

Effective communication allows a leader to connect and inspire others. Coaching plays a pivotal role in the development and execution of a leader's ability to harness this core fundamental skill.

Coaching Others

Before you can coach others, you must first be coached yourself. Once a leader experiences coaching, they are better able to empower and support others in the pursuit of organizational success.


Becoming a Leader-Coach

Building Positive Relationships

Positive relationships are the building blocks of all business transactions and the nucleus of collaboration. An office space is nothing more than a group of humans working together towards the achievement of a common goal. Great leaders put this front and centre and that's where all formal training starts.

Effective Communication

Leadership and the power to influence others hinges on our ability to communicate with the people we work with. Simple in theory, complex in practice. Feed your leaders will a healthy dose of communication training and feedback.

Employee Engagement

Motivation is good enough to get someone to do a job. Inspiration is when there's an influx of emotion and where true success emerges. If you want to get the best out of your people, nothing compares to the powers of coaching.

Performance & Ownership

Supercharge regular one-on-ones with the powers of peer-to-peer coaching. Your leaders will learn how to clearly state their expectations while empowering employees to set their own objectives and claim full responsibility.

Supporting All Levels of Leadership

✪  Managers & Supervisors

✪  Sales & Business Development 

✪  Directors & Executives

✪  Teams & Leadership Groups

✪  Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

✪  Teachers & Educators


84% of employees are unhappy with their jobs

Happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome:

• Raising sales by 37%

• Productivity by 31%

• Accuracy on tasks by 19%

• Health and quality of life improvements

(Harvard Business Review)



Engaged and happy people tend to be...

• 2x less likely to be sick

• 6x less likely to be absent

• 9x more loyal

• 55% more creative

• 31% more productive

(Harvard/M.I.T. Study)