Inspiring Values

Beliefs before Actions

Inspireship is Community

Together strong. Humans are tribal because it increases our survival and probability of success. Members are encouraged to promote a sense of community, belonging and acceptance.

Inspireship is Trust

Community is built on relationships, which can only exist with the presence of trust. Trust is defined by predictable and consistent desired behaviour. Members are encouraged to develop deep trust within the community.

Inspireship is Knowledge

If Love is the mother of creation, than Knowledge would be its counterpart. A relentless pursuit of truth must accept that there are at least as many possibilities as there are perceptions. Members are encouraged to maintain the ability to go beyond their beliefs with curiosity and an open mind.

Inspireship is Growth

There can be no progress without the desire for it. The belief that we are highly flexible learning machines and the ability to embrace our imperfections in service of accelerated progress is required for evolution. Members are encouraged to embrace this perfectly imperfect in pursuit of incremental and perpetual betterment.

Inspireship is Equality

By relinquishing judgment we come to realize that there are no others. The concept of hierarchy must be deconstructed for any peace and progress. Members are encouraged to appreciate our differences on their journey towards unity.

Inspireship is Virtue

Right and wrong only exist with the presence of observers. A duality that reflects the desirable and undesirable intentions and actions. Members are encouraged to strive to drive actions that cultivate community, trust, knowledge, growth and equality.