Garen Jemian

Head Coach & Facilitator

"Everyone deserves to be at their best and to find joy in what they do."


Senior Leadership Consultant accredited by both the Government of Quebec  (CPMT) and the Government of Canada (Level III).  Closing speaker of TEDx Concordia 2017 “Motivation Beyond Money” and Author of “Happy People Work Harder.” 


The primary objective is to improve any and all work-related metrics for the individual, the team and the organization. Developing leadership competencies, engaging the workforce and driving performance, Garen leverages his background in business ownership, management and his coaching mastery to bring the absolute best out of his clients.

Marisa Melchior

Business Operations

"If it's not right for the client, it's not right for the business."


Marisa thrives on business development through a creative lens. Her ability to see the world through the eyes of the customer is what sets her apart. With a background in both the fashion and food & beverage industry, Marisa has her ear to the ground with regards to modern trends.

Stephanie Landry

Marketing and Innovation

"Finding balance between analysis and action is key to success."


Strategic and creative agile Marketer. Proven leadership and success in change management, highly adaptable in fast paced, dynamic environments. Results driven, consumer behaviour and data focused, with the ability to make the creative leap needed to remain innovative and not be bogged down in analysis paralysis.

Sam Haddad

Talent Acquisition Advisor

"It's all about honesty and transparency with clients and candidates."


Sam works to find the best talent for a wide range of companies across Canada and the US. Matching qualified candidates to the right position and allowing companies to maximize their profits. He believes that it's the people that make the impact in a company and works to ensure the right people get matched to the ideal jobs so they can make the most impact.